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August 27, 2010
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5 Intersecting Tetrahedra by Jiekai 5 Intersecting Tetrahedra by Jiekai
Well, here it is: 5 Intersecting Tetrahedra "Why so big?" version

I seriously make too many of these things XD

This project started when i had 4 weeks to make sculptures. My tutor told me to make a steel one of these about 2.5m high. Of course, with my budget and lack of time it didn't happen. so the next best thing was to make one out of the largest sheet of paper available.

The paper was in a huge roll. I cut out 10 squares of about 1.17m, I can't remember specific details. Painted on them with a large quantity of acrylic paint, triimed it into 1:3 strips and then folded it into the modules.

The first try had me up to the 4-5th tetrahedra before it all fell apart. It was quite sad T-T perservering, I used newspaper, scrap paper from the recycling bin and probably about 2+ editions of Tuesday's New Zealand Herald.

Layering about 3 layers of paper under all the flaps in the module took ages. It also destroyed my paintbrush. I left all the modules to dry overnight. (took 2 days, 5 in first day, the rest the next day)

The next day, I took all the modules down to dry then constructed the first terahedra. 2 attempts, then finally finished it!

Here's some stats:
Usual 5-"IT"model: 5 tetrahedras, 6 modules for each tetrahedra, total of 30 modules.

One and a half weeks to create this sculpture SOLO
Total time 20 hours (approx)
>Cutting and painting paper: 3 hours
>Trimming: 1 Hour
>Folding: 9 hours
>Reinforcing paper: 5 Hours
>Assembly (2 attempts): 1 Hour Each= 2 Hours
>Admiration and feeling of achievement: Priceless

13.7sqm of Card / High GSM paper
27.4sqm of Ccrap paper (including newspaper)
2+ Litres of PVA glue
H/W/D: 1.2m/1.2m/1.2m
Weight: 10+ kg
+25,000 Experience Points

Card, newspaper & scrap paper, PVA glue and Acrylic paint.
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you did very hard work!
its not easy
nice work man!
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